Selling Blue Elephants: How to Make Great Products That People Want Before They Even Know They Want Them.  Howard Moskowitz and Alex Gofman.  Wharton School Publishing, 2007
Selling Blue Elephants
By Howard Moskowitz and Alex Gofman
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Can you remember the world before the iPod? How about the world before chunky tomato sauce or brown mustard? Many of these products came about not through focus groups and polling, but rather through research and development labs and marketers developing the products they knew customers would want, before customers knew they wanted them. Today your customers can actually help you create your next product.

Rule Developing Experimentation (RDE) is a solution-oriented learning experience. RDE is the systematized process of designing, testing and modifying alternative ideas, packages, products, or services in a disciplined way so that the developer and marketer discover what appeals to the customer, even if the customer can't articulate the need, much less the solution. Read about best practices in the RDE from some of today's top companies: HP, Prego, Vlasic, MasterCard and others. Filled with real-life stories, this book will change the way people think about selling to their present and future customers.

If you need to know:

in virtually any industry, you have to try RDE with

what to say
how to say it
to whom to say it
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Selling Blue Elephants:
How to Make Great Products That People Want Before They Even Know They Want Them
Howard Moskowitz and Alex Gofman ■ Wharton School Publishing, 2007
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